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Clinton became President at a time when my interest in conspiracies was peaking and I was subscribing to lots of out of the mainstream publications which were looking into government corruption and abuse. I read about his history in Arkansas; about the murder of the two teenagers who stumbled across the Mena drug smuggling operation and the murder's subsequent cover up; Larry Nichols allegations about the corruption at the Arkansas Development Finance Authority; rumors that Clinton was the son of Winthrop Rockefeller; all the deaths of people who were about to cause Bill problems; Whitewater.

So as the scandals and coverups began to unfold during his presidency I was sucked into learning all I could about those -  Travelgate; Filegate; Waco; the Oklahoma City Bombing; the assassination of Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Mary Mahoney, and scores of Clinton bodyguards.

One of the out of the mainstream publications I was subscribing to was a financial newsletter called “Stategic Investments” that was also investigating the Vince Foster death. In doing research for this book I discovered that the editor of that newsletter was former director of the CIA William Colby who died mysteriously while supposedly canoeing on 4/27/96.

Nick Guarino's newsletter was providing information about the Ron Brown assassination. I was calling into a radio talk show at the time and relaying the information that I was getting from these newsletters which seemed particularly well informed about facts that weren't being reported by the mainstream media.

I began to understand that since Bill had met President Kennedy when he was 16 yrs old he had determined to be President and that he would do anything to achieve that goal. However it became apparent that he had a lot of help from powerful people. I didn't believe that he was directly responsible for the elimination of all the people who had conveniently died, but my college education in probabilities and my previous encounters with him told me that he had some powerful overseers.

I had read about CIA penetration of all the major media outlets; about how they owned the Enquirer and other scandal type magazines in which they would print ridiculous stories so that when they learned that more leaks would soon be coming out about the JFK Assassination they would go ahead and print the leaks in the scandal sheets to discredit the stories before they appeared in other news media. With their assets in all the major media if they couldn't actually control what was reported they could at least get a heads up to try to limit damage. I had read that ABC had been strongly infiltrated by the CIA since the 50s.

Knowing that Bill had been with the ABC camera crew at the 1967 anti-Vietnam demonstration had already made me suspicious of him. After I read an article in the Spotlight claiming that Bill had reported back to CIA agent Cord Meyer (see Who Killed JFK) after an anti-war demonstration that Clinton helped organize in 1969 at Oxford I realized that my fears of being in the CIA's database after the 67 demonstration were probably well founded. Most researchers believe that Clinton was recruited into the CIA in 69 while at Oxford, but I have to wonder if he hadn't been recruited before the 67 demonstration which leads to the question of whether Bill was monitoring Fulbright's activities in 69 for the CIA as he surely must have monitored McGovern's activities during the 72 campaign.

I have since read that in a summer 1969 meeting with Willard Hawkins, the Selective Service head in Arkansas, Clinton agreed to "serve his country in another capacity later on" if the July 28 induction order could be lifted. Clinton might have been referring to his political ambitions, but he could have also been talking about working with the CIA to monitor future anti-Vietnam student activities.

If Bill wasn't a Rockefeller he was sure being protected like one. Anybody who got in his way on his path to the Presidency was eliminated. I believe that the CIA and later the Mossad was behind Bill all the way. This would explain all  the timely deaths of his opponents, just as those who knew too much about the JKF assassination were terminated. Most people dismiss the conspiracy theories about Bill's history because it is unbelievable that he was directly responsible for all of them. However when you realize that the same organizations that were able to orchestrate the assassination of a President and get away with it was behind him then it becomes very plausible. Whatever the Arkansas mafia was not able to handle the CIA and Mossad were.

Despite how hard the media tried to ignore the corruption just as they ignored the facts of the JFK assassination there is plenty of information on the net for anyone not zombiefied by the national news media to figure out that our Republic has become rotten to the core. It wasn't just Clinton's regime, but his did reach a new height of stench.

When the character of our Presidents have reached this low it causes one to reflect on how this happened. His end was so important that any means was justified. That has become standard today and one has to wonder what part the world wars played in this. In war almost any means is justified and this belief is not abandoned by all after the war.

WWII led directly to the JFK assassination and since the perpetrators and those responsible for the cover up got away with it this has only enshrined “The End Justifies the Means” as our national motto. However if the means is corrupt the end will be corrupt. Today our nation is corrupt and dying and you can thank those who got us into WWI. We should have listened to Joe Kennedy, Charlie Chaplin, Charles Lindberg, Andrew Carnegie, and Henry Ford who were all opposed to our entry into the war. Mark Twain, had he lived that long would have been opposed to our entry. A nation should not enter into a war without careful consideration of the future consequences and costs.

The future consequences of our entry into WWI will be more future corruption in government, national bankruptcy, repudiation of our debts either through inflation or default, the impoverishment of the people, and the dissolution of the Union. (See What Went Wrong)

Actually as a President Bill wasn't that bad. He kept us out of a major war, balanced the budget (with the help of a Republican Congress), implemented Welfare to Work, and didn't mess up the economy too bad. At least we didn't get that much further into debt under him. However his character is a separate issue.

Bill is an example of the character of  politicians that one finds in the latter stages of a dying empire - think Nero, Caligula. During Clinton's second term I called in to a local talk show with a comment about Bill. It was that I had been watching the Golf Channel and Gary Player giving a lesson in which he was showing the swing mistakes that many amateurs make. He finally got to the swing he called “The Phony.” In this swing the amateur makes all kinds of mistakes during his swing but when he gets to the end he poses in a perfectly fine position for a long time as if he or she had just made a perfect swing. If someone were to just see the finish they would think the person was a good golfer.

On the talk show I said that to me this defined Bill Clinton's political career. He thinks that if he finishes good everyone will forget what he did to get there. And actually most people will – but not me.
How about a monument on the mall next to JFK's (the one I suggested with all the names of everybody killed by those attempting to cover up the assassination) with the names of all those who died because they posed a threat to Bill's political future. We are almost talking about war like fatality numbers here. We took less casualties invading Panama.