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Mary (“Caithy”) Mahoney was a lesbian former intern at the White House who had served as a den mother to all the young interns who were being sexually harassed by Bill. She had left the White House and was working at a Starbucks in DC when the Lewinsky scandal became public. Monica Lewinsky and other interns, George Stephanopolous, and Chelsea Clinton frequented the establishment regularly and Monica often had conversations with Mary while at Starbucks. Monica began confiding in Mary about her affair with Bill.

Three days before the murder Monica had told Bill she was going to tell her parents about their relationship. Bill reacted angrily, telling her, "It's a crime to threaten the President." Monica took the threat seriously telling Linda Tripp that she feared for both their lives if her affair with Clinton ever became public. After Mary's murder Monica knew she could wind up like Caity Mahoney.

Right before Mary's murder there was gossip swirling through Washington based on a columnist's blind item that a former White House intern whose name began with the letter M was about to reveal news of a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton. Was it Mahoney, Clinton damage controllers no doubt wondered?

Just two days before the murders Matt Drudge first reported that Clinton had put the moves on a then-unnamed White House volunteer.
Of course the DC police were aware of this and were big supporters of Bill. Bill was very popular with the black community in Washington and had a lot of support in the police department.

The Starbucks where Mary worked had closed at 8:00 pm the night of the murder and the doors were routinely locked until they left. No one could understand why the workers had opened the door after the store was closed. The only thing that explains it is that the murderers had pulled up in a police car and were wearing police uniforms and thats why they were let in. After killing all three workers and making sure Mary would never talk again with five bullets (one in the back of the head) they for some reason decided to lock the door on the way out.

They picked up a local loser (Carl Derek Cooper) and pressured him into confessing to the murder.

Three more names for the monument in the mall commemorating the victims of our dying empire's desperate attempts to hide the rotting carcass.