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I've spent more time than I would like to admit trying to find out who killed JFK. I read every book on the subject I could get my hands on until the mid 80s when I became too busy with my business to spend much time on it. When I went to jail and Federal prison in 2001, I lost everything including all my books so all I had left was what remained in my memory. I have since discovered that since the JFK movie there has been much new information available on the internet.

At the time of the assassination I thought JFK was the best thing since rock-n-roll. By the time I found out who was responsible for the assassination I had become a Jeffersonian libertarian whose favorite 20th century president was Calvin Coolidge because he had enough sense to follow Andrew Jackson's advice - “The duty of government is to leave commerce to its own capital and credit as well as all other branches of business, protecting all in their legal pursuits, granting exclusive privileges to none.”  Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, FDR, LBJ and George W. Bush I consider to be the worst because under them the power of the federal government was vastly increased. (Although I consider Lincoln the most decent human being of all the Presidents – just in the right place at the wrong time.) I no longer believe that our fate as a nation would be much different had the JFK assassination not taken place. We would still be bankrupt. On the other hand to those who thought they were saving our republic by assassinating JFK I have to point out that IT DIDN'T WORK. To those who participated for their own special interest I guess it did work. Even though my political persuasions would place me closer to the right wing than the left I have to point out that the only lesson learned was that the right wing can get away with assassinating a President.

Regardless of my political beliefs in the interest of truth I have to make my contribution and let the chips fall where they may.  What follows is my theory on who did it and how. To deter any defamation suits I want to emphasize that some of what follows may not be factual. It is is only my best guess based on my research to date.

Understanding the Hughes-Bush-Nixon connection is essential. In 1946 Richard Nixon had answered an ad in an LA newspaper requesting a congressional candidate to step forward. The ad was placed by business interests headed by Prescot Bush. Prescot Bush was instrumental in picking the Eisenhower-Nixon Republican ticket in 52. Howard Hughes had supported Nixon financially since 46 and in 56 he loaned Nixon's brother $205k.

Prior to Castro acquiring power in 59 the CIA was running guns to Castro from southern Florida. Jack Ruby and CIA agent GHW Bush were involved in that effort. After Castro took over in Cuba and declared his communist sympathies Eisenhower authorized Vice President Nixon to start “Operation 40” which trained 40 anti-Castro Cubans in planning the assassination of Castro. James Jesus Angleton, head of counterintelligence at the CIA, put E.H. Hunt in charge of planning the assassination attempts and Bush was given the task of recruiting the assassins.  Some of the members of operation 40: Porter Goss, Barry Seal, David Sanchez Morales, Frank Sturgis, Felix Rodriguez, Louis Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch, Raphael Quintero, Virgilio Paz Romero, Pedro Luis Diaz Lanz, and Bernard Barker - many of whom were in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63. Porter Goss had been in the same fraternity at Yale as George HW Bush's brother and was recruited into the CIA by George in 1959.

George had began work for the CIA earlier in the 50s while running his Zapata Petroleum company just as so many other oil company executives and employees had done before him. Zapata was drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico near Cay Sal Bank 60 miles south of Islamorada in the Keys near Cuba. These islands had been leased to Nixon supporter and CIA contractor Howard Hughes and would later be used as a CIA base for raids on Cuba by the 'Operation 40' agents prior to the Bay of Pigs invasion. The CIA's code name for that operation was 'Operation Zapata.' In 1981 after George became Vice President all SEC filings for Zapata Off-Shore between 60 – 66 were destroyed. 

After several failed assassination attempts they began planning the “Bay of Pigs” invasion which was to begin shortly after Nixon became President. Oops – Kennedy won. They decided to go ahead anyway. CIA agent GHW Bush received three surplus Navy ships from agent L. Fletcher Prouty to be used in the invasion and named them Houston, Barbara, and Zapata.  At the last minute General Cabal (his brother the mayor of Dallas would later help send JFK to his death) chickened out and called JFK at 4 am on the morning of the invasion asking for air cover. JFK refused to be pressured and denied the air cover. The invasion failed and JFK set about to dismantle the CIA. He fired Alan Dulles.

By the spring of 63 JFK had already made enemies of Israel's Mossad, Meyer Lansky, Carlos Marcellos, and Sam Giancana of the Mob, James Jesus Angleton at the CIA (head of counter-intelligence), J. Edgar Hoover, Howard Hughes, the anti-Castro Cubans, elements of the armed forces and military intelligence, Richard Nixon, LBJ, H.L. Hunt and the Texas oil interests and a decision was made to terminate Kennedy.

The most important faction necessary to carry out the assassination was Israel. Some control of the media would be essential and not possible without the Israeli lobby.  David Ben Gurion despised Kennedy's personal treatment of him. The fact that Kennedy was trying to prevent Israel from obtaining a nuclear weapon was justification for taking him out in the minds of the Mossad.

Meyer Lansky was a big supporter of Israel and had pressured the mob to raise money in 1948 to help Israel become a State. Lansky and the mob along with the anti-Castro Cubans also had the revenge motive blaming JKF for not supporting the invasion not to mention the harassment the mob was experiencing from Bobby Kennedy, the Attorney General.

Angleton was also a big supporter of Israel and had helped them form a state after WWII by channeling millions of dollars of weapons and left over military equipment left in Europe after the war to the Jews attempting to form Israel. With or without Israel Angleton would have wanted to get rid of JFK as he thought he was too chummy with the Soviet Union and was afraid Kennedy wanted to abolish the CIA. In August of 59 Angleton learned of a future summit between Eisenhower and Kruschev and sent Oswald into the Soviet Union in September of 59 to help bring down Gary Powers (Oswald tracked U-2s in Japan for the Marines in 58-59) on May 1, 1960 who obligingly flew at 60k feet to allow the Soviets to shoot him down to sabotage the coming Eisenhower-Kruschev arms control talks.
I believe this led to Eisenhower warning about the danger of the growth of the military-industrial complex in his farewell speech.

Howard Hughes had a large financial interest in continuing the Vietnam war and was afraid JFK was going to end it. He was also a financial supporter of the CIA and Richard Nixon.  Elements of the military considered Kennedy a communist sympathizer and were also afraid of him ending the war. The Texas oil interests had a financial interest in preserving the oil-depletion allowance.

In the 50s the CIA entered into a partnership with the Mossad to smuggle drugs from the golden triangle in southeast Asia to the US through France with the help of the Corsican mafia as a means to fund CIA black-ops while bypassing Congress. That's who the unwitting Popeye Doyle was chasing in the movie " The French Connection."  In the spring of 63 after the decision had been made to take out JFK Ben Gurion resigned as Prime Minister of Israel. I believe it was because he knew the Mossad and CIA had given the go ahead to assassinate JKF and as much as he wanted to get rid of him he didn't want history associating his name with it.

The Mossad hired one assassination team from the Corsican mafia. Howard Hughes helped fund the assassination. Angleton organized the domestic logistics. The Mob provided a team and the anti-Castro Cubans provided two teams. Each man on each of the five teams of two or three men were paid $50k. E.H. Hunt of the CIA traveled from Florida to Texas with two of the anti-Castro teams on  November 21st, 1963 and paid those teams that evening at the motel they stayed at. Jack Ruby showed up after Hunt had left the motel.

The next day one team was stationed near the overpass to get a frontal shot. One team was stationed on the grassy knoll behind the picket fence with a weapon loaded with a mercury bullet. One team was stationed on the sixth floor of the southeast corner of the book depository. One team was stationed on the 7th floor of the southwest corner of the book depository. One team was stationed in the Dal-Tex building across the street from the book depository. I'm not going to try to figure out which teams were shooting from where at this time other than to point out that the “construction hat” with the pointed top that some people have described the grassy knoll shooter (Badgeman) as wearing was really a rolled up wool cap with a tassel on top. Mrs. Mercer testified she saw a white male, 20 to 30 yrs old wearing a gray jacket, brown pants, plaid shirt, and a wool stocking cap with a tassel on it carrying what looked like a gun case up the grassy knoll around 10:30am. Lee Bowers testified he saw a man in a plaid jacket behind the picket fence just before the shooting. Next time you look at the picture of Badgeman picture him wearing a wool stocking cap with a tassel on top instead of a construction hat. I believe that man to have been Gordon Liddy. He had been the most knowledgeable man at the FBI and possibly in the country about firearms. He had resigned from the FBI in the spring of 63 because of of his hatred of the Kennedys and what he felt they were doing to J. Edgar Hoover. I don't think it is a coincidence that the spring of 63 was also the time the anti-Kennedy forces decided to begin planning the assassination of JFK.

Officer J.D. Tippit's assignment was to pick Oswald the patsy up after the assassination and kill him. The rest of the assassins would then meet at the local theater where they would be driven to the airport in a Dallas police car. However Oswald was on to Tippit and got out of the book depository and onto a bus back to his boarding house. It was there that Tippit pulled up in front of the boarding house and honked his horn three times not knowing that Oswald was onto him. Oswald waited for him to leave before walking to the movie theater to meet his contact whom he still trusted.

Meanwhile Tippit is still driving around the area looking for Oswald and a witness reports seeing Tippit stop to question a man walking on the sidewalk who shoots Tippit. Since one witness saw three men running from the scene one has to wonder if Tippit didn't already have two passengers in his back seat at the time he encountered the man walking. (taking them to the movie theatre?) According to Frank Sturgis' deathbed confession Gordon Liddy killed Tippet to further implicate Oswald. So was it Liddy whom Tippit pulled up to?

In any case Oswald is arrested at the movie theater with a gun that was later claimed to have been the weapon that killed Tippit. However the gun confiscated from Oswald (which a witness who knew Ruby testified she had seen Ruby give to Oswald after the assassination in front of the school book depository) had a defective firing pin and would not fire and could not have been used to kill Tippit. Ruby was helping to set Oswald up making sure his gun wouldn't fire.  Meanwhile at the time Oswald is being taken out the front of the theater a witness sees another Oswald getting into a police car at the back of the theater and being driven off. Apparently some of the assassins had met at the theater as planned and one of them was the Oswald double so often seen in the months before the assassination. I have a hunch Liddy was probably at the theater also.

The coverup began soon after JKF was pronounced dead. The front windshield of JFK's limousine with a bullet hole in it from the first shot from the front was removed. Jack Ruby went into action placing the pristine bullet on the abandoned medical gurney that Governor Connelly had been temporarily lying on at Parkland hospital and later after calling Sam Giancana in Chicago he would follow Sam's instructions to eliminate Oswald who was supposed to have been killed by JD Tippet. 

On the plane back to DC, LBJ had a problem. He needed to get Mrs Kennedy away from JFK's casket long enough to remove the body from the casket. He realized the body was the best evidence of the crime and if it was going to be covered up the assassination forces were going to have to have first access to the body, but Mrs Kennedy would not leave the casket. Finally LBJ was able to convince her to leave the casket and stand beside him while he was sworn in as President. During the ceremony JFK's body was removed from the casket and placed in a plastic clothes protector hanging in the closet. On the way back to DC LBJ made arrangements to have JFK's body flown by helicopter to Walter Reed hospital for a clandestine autopsy while the empty casket would be driven to Bethseda Medical Center in the company of Jackie and Bobby Kennedy. When the plane arrived in DC the “body bag” was loaded onto a helicopter off the front of the plane while the cameras and news crews were focused on the opposite side of the plane in the back of the plane where Bobby was meeting Jackie and the empty casket coming off the plane. If you watch the CBS news broadcast of the event you will hear the helicopter unless they have edited it out by now.

While the hearse drove to Bethseda the body was delivered to the Walter Reed Hospital where  a clandestine autopsy was performed and what was left of JKF's brain was removed. Then the body was flown by helicopter to Bethseda arriving just before the hearse carrying Jackie, Bobbie, and the empty casket. JFK's brainless body was laid out on the operating table and a brain was commandeered from an officer who had died at the hospital earlier in the day and the physicians followed the instructions of the three intelligence agents who instructed them that the president was hit by two shots from behind. They tried to make some incisions into the officer's brain to make it look as if the shots had come from behind. This is why the photos were never released and had to be lost along with the brain. You don't really believe that the Soviet Union could keeps tabs on Lenin's body for 70 yrs but we  lost JFK's brain soon after his death do you? 

John Ligget a Texas embalmer traveled on the dead President's plane back to DC under LBJ's orders. He reconstructed the back of JFK's head at Bethseda to make it look like he was hit from behind.

What was left of JFK's real brain from the Walter Reed autopsy wound up in the possession of Howard Hughes and eventually in the warehouse where he had stored 30 years of memories and money. Why shouldn't the largest domestic financier of the hit get some of the spoils? Were any of the robbery attempts of Hughes warehouse on Romaine St. or Hank Greenspun's safe related to finding and destroying JFK's brain?

When I heard that Ted Kennedy threw a portion of JFK's tie onto Yitzak Rabin's casket after it had been lowered into the grave it made me suspicious that Ted knew about Israel's involvement in hiring some of the assassins from the Corsican Mafia. There are two reasons Ted could have thrown the tie onto Rabin's grave. One would be to say both JFK and Rabin were ambassadors of peace who were cut down by assassins. The other would be to say what goes around comes around. If the second then let's look at Rabin's history. At the time of the assassination he was the Chief of Operations of the Israeli Army. If the Mossad had decided on taking JFK out they would have surely turned to Rabin for help or guidance. I suspect he was responsible for the logistics of hiring the assassins. Financing came through the Permindex Corporation ( Clay Shaw on board of directors) based in Italy from US sources including Meyer Lansky. I think Teddy was saying that he knew that the first shot which hit JFK in the throat right above his tie was fired by the Corsican assassin hired by Rabin.

LBJ appointed Nixon's long time supporter Earl Warren as the head of the commission to investigate the murder. Then he appointed Nixon's former fundraiser Gerald Ford to head the Warren Commission. In that role Ford would control which witnesses would be heard and which ones would not be heard. Ford did his job by keeping the FBI one step ahead of the commission and altering the findings of the commission before release to move the wound in JFK's back up higher toward his neck so that the single bullet theory would be more plausible. Nixon would eventually reward Ford by choosing him as his VP after Agnew's resignation. Ford would return the favor later by pardoning Nixon for his Watergate crimes.

The press is claiming the Watergate burglary was about seeing what Larry O'Brien (who had become Howard Hughes Lawyer) knew about Hughes' $100k bribe for Nixon through Rebozo. However since most of the Watergate burglars and O'Brien were in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63 I have to believe it had something to do with the JFK assassination. Lately a theory has been proposed that O'Brien had pictures placing Hunt and Sturgis in Dealey Plaza. I find that more plausible but I think there is another possibility. Here it is. Nixon sent Liddy, Hunt, and several other plumbers to LA on 9/1/71 to burglarize Ellsberg's pyschiatrist's office. But unbeknownst to Nixon, Hunt and Liddy's loyalty was to Angleton and he wanted JFK's brain in Hughes warehouse destroyed now that Hughes was a complete drug addict and the Ellsberg robbery would be the perfect cover. Hunt and Liddy completed the assignment and I'm sure Liddy enjoyed disposing what was left of JFK's brain. Then the Watergate burglary, despite what Mitchell and Nixon thought, was really about finding out what O'Brien knew about the Hughes warehouse robbery. 

Because of the Watergate burglars and especially CIA agent Hunt being involved in the JFK assassination ( Nixon wasn't aware of Liddy's involvement) Nixon thought he could intimidate Helms into taking the rap for Watergate. This explains the 20 minute gap in the Watergate tapes. Nixon's code words for the assassination was “the Bay of Pigs thing”.  At the time Watergate broke William Colby was Richard Helms man in charge of protecting the CIA's image. After Nixon started intimating to Helms that Watergate could expose CIA involvement in the JFK assassination Helms had Colby contact Ben Bradlee of the Washington Post who provided Woodward and Bernstein for Colby to begin his 'deep throat' informing escapade to help bring Nixon down before he could damage the CIA. Just recently Mark Felts, the former associate director of the FBI, who was near death came forward to claim to be deep throat to further cloud the issue but I don't buy it for a minute. You have to realize that the CIA has owned the major media in this country going back before JFK's death including the Washington Post and the New York Times. You can't believe anything from the media when it comes to national security - mostly misinformation in the style of Pravda. Ben Bradlee was CIA all the way and covered for Colby and Angleton who had Hunt bring Nixon down rather than tarnish the CIA. Colby was deep throat and would later be done away with himself for investigating the Vince Foster murder a little too thoroughly. Speaking of Liddy, from the Watergate tapes we now know that Nixon had talked to Liddy about the necessity of getting rid of Hoover because it was not possible to fire him as he would "bring down the temple." I'm sure Angleton wouldn't have missed Hoover much either and since Liddy was working for both of them you have to wonder if Liddy wasn't responsible for Hoover's timely death. There are Washington insiders who claim Liddy broke into Hoover's home and laced his toilet seat with a poison that would induce a heart attack. Maybe we should also check to see where Liddy was on April 4th, 1968.

Jackie Kennedy's marriage to Aristotle Onassis and her leaving the country should have been a tip off to everyone that the Kennedy family knew of the involvement of Israel in JFK's assassination. Onassis was a life long Arab supporter and one of the richest men in the world. I remembered the news clips of Onassis and Jackie walking and talking together after the assassination. I have to assume Onassis was educating Jackie about what he knew about Israel's involvement and how he could provide her with security from any threats in the future which I'm sure figured in her decision to marry him and get out of the country.