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Credit to Orlin Grabbe for some of the information below.

The main thing you have to understand about Bill is that every decision he made after he shook hands with JFK in 1960 was made through the filter of how it would affect his effort to be President some day. He would make alliances with anyone who could help him achieve that goal. That included the CIA, the Mossad , and President G.H.W. Bush, who all played a role in the assassination of JFK.
Vince had grown up with Bill and by the time Bill became President he knew where all the bodies were buried. As Bill's personal lawyer he was responsible for filing the report listing Bill's assets which was supposed to be placed in a blind trust before the President took office. It had been six months since Bill became President but Vince had still not completed the report. He did not want to put his name on a fraudulent report. He had made several trips to Switzerland shuffling funds from the Mena drug running operation, and the other criminal activities Bill ran with the Arkansas mafia, the CIA, NSA and the Mossad. Vince has been accused of being involved (through Systematics of Little Rock) in transferring nuclear launch codes and backdoor entry software for Banks to Israel.

The “suicide note” which showed up several days after Foster's death was a portion of his resignation letter to Bill which he had prepared. He had decided to get out while he could. But Hillary, the CIA, and the Mossad wasn't going to allow that. He had to be killed.
Before Foster left the White House for lunch the day of his murder, a Secret Service agent placed a concealed transponder on his car.  This transponder was reportedly working when the car left the parking lot and jurisdictional responsibility passed from the Secret Service to the FBI. But the FBI subsequently lost track of Foster's car.  This is in itself hard to comprehend.  Was the transponder deactivated in some unknown manner? Or was there FBI complicity in "loss" of the signal?  When the car was later recovered, the transponder was missing.

       Complicating the picture is the apparent destruction of evidence by someone in the White House. Firstly, the videotapes showing the attachment of the transponder are missing.  The tapes could have been removed by anyone with access to the room where the videotapes are stored. Secondly, however, movement in and out of the storage room is itself videotaped.  But the tape which recorded access to the storage room is blank.

The front entrance to Vince's apartment was being videotaped as part of a national security investigation into espionage by members of the White House.  Vince was taped entering his apartment with a woman with brownish-blonde hair who has been identified as an Israeli agent. The woman was later taped exiting the apartment with a three man Mossad team which must have entered from the back  entrance.

After Foster's death blondish hairs were found in Foster's underwear that match those of a member of the White House press office whose quality blow jobs were known to some members of the White House.  If we add to this evidence the conclusion of a New York forensic pathologist (who does work for the CIA) that Foster died at approximately the moment of ejaculation, it would thus appear that Vince may have died while getting his second blow job of the day – offed by the three Israeli agents who
must have been waiting for Vince to get his rocks off before entering.

Hillary was notified that the deed was done and she called Craig Livingston and had him get the body to the park where Bill could control any investigation. Several witnesses saw two men carrying a rolled up rug through the park. After his body was found his clothes were found to have had carpet fibers on them. The gun found in Vince's hand had no fingerprints on it because it wasn't placed in his hand until long after his death. A thorough search of Ft. Marcy Park by an FBI team using x-ray scanners to detect lead either in tree branches or in the ground surface failed to turn up a bullet.  The obvious explanation is that Foster's body was  transported there from another location.

Unanswered questions ------------------------------

Why did Hillary Rodham Clinton call 202-628-7087 at 10:41 p.m., Little Rock Time, on July 20, 1993, the evening following Vince Foster's death?  The number is a CIA number, one that by-passes control, and that is intended to be used only in an emergency. Who was Hillary talking to at CIA and why?  Unlike Bill, who was recruited for the CIA as early as 1967, Hillary was never supposed to have been a CIA employee.  Why would she have the number in her possession, and—more importantly--who was she talking to?  Why did CIA director John Deutsch personally intervene to promote a cover-up of the circumstances of Vince Foster's murder? 

Coincidently, the $250 million given to Foster in Switzerland, verified by U.S. Treasury agent Leo Wanta, was never tracked down, as recent investigations have uncovered it was headed for the Childrens' Fund, a covert fund created by an executive order and chaired by Hillary Clinton, who supposedly used it as her own personal slush fund.

When Vince Foster left the White House at approximately 1 p.m. on July 20, 1993, approximately two hours before his death, he met with a man whose Arkansas license plates were registered to a company that builds signals collection facilities for the National Security Agency. Who was this man and what was discussed?

Why did the Rose Law Firm begin shredding files upon hearing of the death of Vince Foster? What was Foster involved in that made it necessary to destroy the files? Why did two Rose Law Firm lawyers show up at Foster's house and remove approximately eight boxes of records? What happened to those records? Why did Foster keep them in his basement? What was in the envelope addressed "eyes only, not to be opened, William Kennedy" that Deborah Gorham testified Vince Foster kept in Bernard Nussbaum's safe?

Jees - the collapse of a bankrupt, corrupt empire is ugly.