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     One of the clients of my software company was Bluebill Properties which was owned by a man named Don Corcelli from Cleveland. They used my software for 20 years and Don and I struck up a personal relationship.

     Some time in the late 80s Don asked me how I would like to meet ex-President Ford. He was coming to town and Don was invited to an informal gathering.

     I had been a student of all the Kennedy Assassination literature and knew that Ford was a member of the Warren Commission and I had read that while they were investigating the FBI's role in the assassination Senator Ford was tipping off the FBI on what they were up to so Hoover could keep ahead of anyone on the commission who wasn't towing the coverup line. For that reason I told Mr. Corcelli that I wasn't interested and I told him why.

     I didn't go and I hope the message got back to ex-President Ford as to why. I paid for my crimes. It's time the forces that pulled off the crime of the 20th century pay for theirs even if it is posthumously.

     Just recently it was revealed that Ford changed the wording of the Warren Commission Report concerning the bullet that entered JFK's back to move it up to the back of the neck so that Arlen Spector's single bullet theory would be more plausible. In this way they were able to claim the entry wound in JFK's neck was an exit wound and that that bullet went on to hit Connally.

  I actually thought Ford was a good president except for his pardon of Nixon and his moronic "WIN" ( Whip Inflation Now!)  buttons. Was he really so ignorant of economics that he didn't realize that rising prices were caused by the Federal Reserve System increasing the money supply and that rational beings were not going to stop protecting themselves from that inflation by getting rid of the rapidly depreciating counterfeit money substitutes as fast as possible? Did he really believe that wasting more money by creating buttons and having buffoons wear them was going to stop the Fed from creating more counterfeit money substitutes out of nothing? Fed head Arthur Burns must have thought Ford was a true moron. Is there anybody alive today who would admit to being dumb enough to have worn a WIN button in 1975????

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