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In the summer of 78 I took a vacation from my electrical contracting business and went back to Champaign-Urbana for a visit. I looked up my old friend Jim and spent a day with him.

Jim mentioned something about a friend of ours being in Chicago and that he hoped he wasn't responsible for the recent bombing. I asked who he was talking about and he asked if I remembered Theodore from Berkely.

That was the first time I had even thought of Theodore since 68. I said yes, and he said Theodore was back in Chicago and there had been a bombing up there at Northwestern University. I wasn't sure if he was joking about Theodore being involved, but I didn't push it because I really didn't want to know.

We went to a bar and got into political discussions which I really enjoyed because for the first time in our relationship I think I expressed disagreement with him over politics. It was his left wing economic views.

As we left Jim asked if I wanted to go to his pad just like old times, but I turned him down.  At the time I was taking my new political views too seriously and I regret that I let them interfere with my relationship with a good friend.

I left Champaign-Urbana and lost contact with Jim and have not talked to him since. Thinking about it now I feel I must have been trying to demonstrate my intellectual independence from Jim who had influenced my political views from 65 - 72.

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