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                                         Legendary Golf Trick Shot Artist

Some time in the mid to late 50s dad said a trick shot artist was coming to Pekin Coutry Club for a demonstration. That was the first time I had heard of Paul Hahn.

  He set up around the new Pro Shop near the 9th green aiming down towards the ninth tee. He hit every shot the same, with a little draw on it.

  He did all kinds of trick shots which were pretty amazing but the one that I remember was when a young woman (his wife?) lie down on the ground and put a regulation golf tee in her mouth and placed a golf ball on it. Paul took out a driver, told a few jokes and proceeded to hit a 250 yard drive off the tee between her teeth down the middle with a little draw just like all his other shots.

In the summer of 66 Paul entered a combat zone and visited my older brother Jack at his Oasis Base Camp in Pleiku Vietnam and put on an exhibition on the air strip.

Around 1995 while I was living in Bonita Springs, Fl one night I was watching the local ABC affiliate TV station talk show who had this trick shot artist on and I called in and told him about Paul's shot. The man was good friends with Paul's son, Paul Hahn Jr., who I have since learned is considered the best trick shot artist in the world and said he would relay the story to him.